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Learn to Swim

We offer fun,
friendly swimming
lessons for all ages


Our Learn to Swim lessons give you that 100% peace of mind that your kids will be safe swimming at the beach, bombing at the river, boating at the lake or swimming in a pool. Every kiwi kid should know the basic swimming strokes - but we are on a mission to achieve much more than this.

We offer group or one-on-one lessons in four age categories at both Waterworld and Gallagher Aquatic Centre

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 A healthy water environment

We are committed to providing excellent water quality. Water in all our pools is manually tested throughout the day and also monitored through technology.

Our pools are chlorinated as all healthy pools require a trace element of chlorine to kill nasty bugs and bacteria. But because we also use an ultraviolet light treatment system, we can keep chlorine to a minimum. The ultraviolet light system also removes chloroforms, which cause sore eyes/itchiness and odour.

Our filtration system combined with the use of chlorine and ultraviolet light is a winning combination in the war against lurgies and helps keep our swimmers and pools healthy.

Babies (3 to 36 Months)

Babies – For babies 12 weeks to 3 years old. Adults take part in the lesson with their babies. We have a child-centred swimming philosophy, where children progress from skill to skill at their own pace. We encourage you to swim at least once more each week with your little one to build up their confidence.

3 to 36 months

Times and Prices

No more terms! Swimming lessons are now all year round. Our new continuous Learn to Swim programme takes swimming lessons beyond the supervised pool and into water situations our kids naturally explore. 

Learn to Swim 2022



All classes are $15.50 each 

Squad-level classes are $16.50 each

Bookings are essential.

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