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Each month ‘My Story’ meets a different Hamiltonian looking forward to the big difference a hydrotherapy pool will make to the city and their lives.

Hamilton Pools is saddened by the recent passing of Margaret Holroyd who was a long time supporter of the Hydrotherapy Pool development. Our thoughts are with Margaret’s family and friends.

THE STORY OF: Margaret Holroyd

I was born with very shallow hip sockets, which meant that high impact activities always made my legs ache. When I was 11 years old I discovered swimming and although at the time I didn’t really understand why it was so good for me, thereafter this became my main form of exercise.

After joint surgery I always got into the pool and began swimming again as soon as possible, but as the years went on osteoarthritis began to creep into all my joints so it became increasingly hard to access most pools, and when I could no longer swim lanes I began to find the tepid pools were too cool. I looked for a warmer pool with easy access, but couldn’t find one anywhere in Hamilton.

Before I retired I was a Social Worker at Waikato Hospital. During that time I particularly enjoyed working in rehabilitation and became familiar with the various support groups for people with disabilities. I knew that there were many people out there who, like me, needed to keep themselves as fit as possible to cope with their disabilities so began discussing with them the idea of approaching the Hamilton City Council with a proposal to build a public hydrotherapy pool in Hamilton. It was very quickly evident that there was a lot of support and in 2005 we put our first submission in to the Hamilton City Council.

We were delighted when the Hamilton City Council accepted our submission and wrote it into their Long-term plan, but without the financial support that has come in from many different sections of the public, the building of the pool would not have commenced so soon. We thank all those who have worked so hard to achieve this and look forward with eager anticipation to the time when our purpose built aquatic gym will be ready for us. c benefits when applied in a sports context. It allows recovery and rehabilitation in a non-stressful environment to treat the whole athlete, rather than just the location of the injury or fatigue. The location of a hydrotherapy facility at Waterworld would also potentially make it accessible to people of all ages and levels of sport – becoming a community facility, rather than a benefit available exclusively to elite athletes.

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Waterworld 25m Pool

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27.0° C

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Gallagher Aquatic Centre Learners Pool


Gallagher Aquatic Centre 25m Pool

28.0° C

Hydrotherapy Pool


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